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About Slimbridge Soaps

About Us

We are a family-run company based in the small village of Iron Acton in South Gloucestershire. Since 2007, we have been making and selling handmade toiletries featuring pure and simple, natural ingredients such as: Coconut, Palm, Olive.

About Our Soaps

Our vegetable-based soaps are made by the cold-process method, retaining all of their natural glycerin which adds extra moisturizing. Considerable time and effort have gone into formulating the perfect blend of vegetable oils to ensure firm, long-lasting, moisturizing soaps with very rich lather properties. We cure the soaps for at least a month, ensuring they are gentle, mild, and kind to the skin. Every batch is individually tested (on ourselves, our friends & family) & each bar is cut and wrapped by hand, making every soap unique.

About Our Fragrances

When it comes to developing new fragrances, we create unique blends and offer special scents that have popular appeal. Our regular range includes: Rose Geranium, Hyacinth, Lavender & Lime, Lily of the Valley, Lilac, and Thai Lemongrass & Coconut as well as our Specialist Skincare Soaps and our Seasonal Fragrances.

What Else We Do

Naturally-based Lip Balms offer lip protection & softening. Made with natural beeswax; Shea Nut & Cocoa Butters make it very soothing. Available in the following flavours: Blueberry,Cucumber & Melon, French Vanilla, Lavender & Lime, Rose Geranium, Thai Lemongrass & Coconut.

Chunky Bath Salts offer the benefits of skin-toning and softening in coordinated fragrances with our Standard Soaps. They are very concentrated so only a very small amount is required.

Our Body Cream offers intensive moisturizing where a liquid or cream moisturizer isn’t sufficient. Especially good for dry cracked feet, heels, hands and elbows. A unique blend of Shea Nut and Cocoa Butters, Sweet Almond and aloe vera with a light relaxing scent.

Our Specialist Skincare Range

Because everyone’s skin has different needs :

Castile Soap As pure and mild as it gets, just olive oil, no fragrance, no colour, nothing else (the only soap we’d recommend for infants)
Goatmilk Oatmeal & HoneySoap
Our favorite face bar - very moisturizing, with mild ex-foliation from ground oats. Made with locally produced goatmilk & honey.
Tea Tree & Nettle Soap – slightly antiseptic with good astringent properties make this soap perfect for those with oily, problem skin.

Our Philosophy

We attempt to have as little impact on the planet as we possibly can. We produce very little waste, minimize packaging, encourage recycling, & use local and fairly traded ingredients and supplies wherever we can.